Our club, “Fighting Global Team”, was founded by Vladimiros Nazarenko along with Anastasia Pontika as head coach.

We are an active member of the Hellenic Kickboxing & MMA Federations, have an experienced 5-member trainers team with a 20-year course in martial arts & fighting sports, a significant number of athletes / members and we offer classes  for adults, teenagers and children.

Our club is certified by the Hellenic General Secretariat of Sports, with ID No ΧΓ50.


Our vision is the creation of a sports club in downtown Athens, a city that is a global center, that promotes sportsmanship and social responsibility equally.

A club that advocates the principle of fair play, culture, local action, that participates in social activities contributing to municipal projects.

Our goal is to act in a way that eventually will inspire more sports associations to create and offer similar kind of activities to their members as well as to their local communities.


During this era of relentless competition, we are experiencing a lack of goal setting, a moral absence and a challenge of ideals.
By trying to work towards the athletic and physical development of our younger and older athletes alike, we have focused to the following:

  • Promoting the value of personal effort by making necessary sacrifices.
  • Giving emphasis to the everyday struggle that we, older and younger people have to go through.
  • Fighting against the use of any form of addiction that serves as distraction from other issues, and helping people who suffer from addictions.
  • Offering alternative activities to the culture of consumerism and physical sluggishness.
  • Promoting equality, respect, and group activities regardless of age, gender, race, education, social status.

Using physical and mental wellness as our starting point, we are strengthening our efforts towards achieving teamwork using combat sports.

That way we give the chance to our athletes to test their limits, face their fears and through that to achieve their true potential.

“Fighting Global Team” trainers are working as a collective that aims on teaching combat sports and contributes to the improvement of physical, mental and psychological health.

kids classes

Through our kids programs we are aiming on a well-rounded education around mental, psychological and physical self-awareness. We seek to provide our students with the necessary tools they need to face their everyday challenges, to boost their self-confidence, to set and achieve their goals and how to protect themselves and others from bullying or any kind of malicious behavior that they might encounter.

team founders

 “Fighting Global Team” sports club was founded in 2017 by Vladimiros Nazarenko and Anastasia Pontika.

They both have a long coaching experience, holding international certifications and numerous successes at prestigious international events.



  • Founder & Head Coach of “Fighting Global Team” (2017-Today)
  • Kick Boxing Head Coach at Olympiakos SFP (2013-2018)
  • Kick Boxing Head Coach at “Hercules” Ag. Anargiri Sports Club (2011-2017)
  • Head Coach at Kalandrou Educational Establishment (2009-2011)
  • Head Coach at Kallimahos-Pagrati Sports Club (2010-2012)
  • Head Coach at Aias-N. Erithrea Sports Club ( 2009-2011)
  • Head Coach at Piraeus Fighters Sports Club (2007-2012)
  • Head Coach at Menidi Fighters Sports Club (2005-2007)
  • Head Coach at Patisia Fighters (2002-2004)
  • Volunteering 2004 Summer Olympics (Boxing Team)


  • Certified Kick Boxing Trainer (General Secretariat of Sports.)
  • Certified Boxing Trainer (General Secretariat of Sports.)
  • Certified Kick Boxing Trainer (Level C),(WAKO)
  • Michalis Arnaouti’s Professional Boxing Seminar Graduate
  • Grand Master’s Yuttana Wongbandue Muai Thai Seminar Graduate
  • Black Belt at Kickboxing awarded from Pan-Hellenic Federation of Kickboxing


  • Gold Medal at European Championship WPKA (2005)
  • Gold Medal at Kick Boxing Nationals (Men’s category)(2010)
  • Gold Medal at Kick Boxing Nationals (Men’s category)(2008)
  • Gold Medal at Kick Boxing Nationals (Men’s category)(2007)
  • Gold Medal at Kick Boxing Nationals (Men’s category)(2005)
  • Gold Medal at Kick Boxing Nationals (Men’s category)(2003)
  • Gold Medal at South Greece Kick Boxing Championship (2003)
  • Silver Medal at Kick Boxing Nationals (Men’s category)(2006)
  • Bronze Medal at Mediterranean Championship WAKO (2003)
  • 7 place at WAKO World Championships (Italy, 2009)
  • 7 place at WAKO World Championships (Belgrade, 2007)
  • Member of National Kick Boxing Team (2001-2009)


  • Gold Medal at Pan-Hellenic Juvenile Championship (2002)
  • Silver Medal at International Tournament ¨Alexandria¨ (2002)
  • Silver Medal at Pan-Hellenic Juvenile Championship (2003)
  • Silver Medal at Pan-Hellenic Youth Championship (2005)
  • Silver Medal at Pan-Hellenic Youth Championship (2006)
  • Silver Medal at Pan-Hellenic Kids Championship (2001)
  • Bronze Medal at Pan-Hellenic Championship (2008)
  • Member of Greece’s National Boxing Team (2000-2008)


  • Gold Medal at Greek National BJJ Championship 2019 (White Belts, Master 1, -82,5kg)



  • Head Coach of ¨PN ΤΕΑΜ¨ and Associates (12 Sports Clubs in Total)
  • Competition Manager of international organisation KARATE KOMBAT (2018)
  • Head Coach at Olympiakos SFP (2017)
  • Coach of Areti Mastrodouka (1st Professional Woman Boxer, no. 11 World Ranking) (2014-2016)
  • Chairman of GRAFTS (Greek Aerobics& Fitness School) at “Fight Sports Training” session /Specialization at Combat sports (2016)
  • Head Administrator of Services of VIP of International Boxing Federation (Olympic Games 2014)
  • Head Administrator of 1st State Kick Boxing School
  • Assistant Coach and administrative counsel of Fighters Athanasopoulos, Boxing & Kick Boxing Club, (1998-2012)


  • Speaker at Athens Metropolitan College, Sports Seminars (2019)
  • Team Captain as Member of EATE at 1st European Combat Sports Tournament (EUSA) (Zagreb, 2019)
  • Deputy Chairman at Sports Activities Working Group- Erasmus+Sport program (DiCoR «Different people- Common needs. Refugees moving towards a physical active life )(2017)
  • Incorporation of combat sports at sports program (Fokianos Gym 2016-2019)
  • Coordinator of Educational activities in Universities (European Program «be-active» in association with General Secretariat of Sports, 2015)
  • Head Speaker and coordinator of 1st National Kick Boxing Student Championship / EATE (2014)


  • Bachelor in Physical Education and Sport Science- National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Certified Kick Boxing Trainer Level C, B, & A (WPKA)
  • Certified Kick Boxing Trainer Level C, B (General Secretariat of Sports)
  • Certified Boxing Trainer (General Secretariat of Sports)
  • Certified Pankration Trainer (General Secretariat of Sports)
  • Black Belt at Kickboxing, 2nd Dan Holder awarded from Pan-Hellenic Federation of Kickboxing.
  • First Aid Certification (National Center for Emergency Assistance)


  • World Champion- Owner of Professional Kick Boxing Belt (Hungary-2003, -53kg)
  • Golden Medal at International World Profi Championship (2001, -53kg)
  • Gold Medal at International Kassandria Tournament-PEK, Lightcontact (-50kg 2000)
  • Silver Medal at International World Profi Championship (-53kg 2004,)
  • Silver Medal at Mediterranean Championship (-55kg, 2001)
  • Bronze Medal at WAKO European Championship (-52kg, 2004)
  • 5th & 6th placement at WAKO International Championship (-52kg 2005, 2007)
  • Member of Greece’s National Kick Boxing Team (-53 kg, 2004)
  • Champion and Member of WAKO National Kick Boxing Team (-52kg, 2000)
  • WAKO Champion (-52kg, 1999)
  • Participation in professional tournament Greece-Turkey (K1 Rules)
  • Participation in International WAKO Championship (-52kg, 1999)
  • Champion of S. Greece’s Professional Tournament (-52kg, 1999)
  • Undefeated in Greece


  • First professional woman boxer (Russia, 2005)
  • Greece’s Boxing Champion (-53, 2003)
  • Silver Medal at National Boxing Tournament (-52kg, 2003)
  • Bronze Medal at International Acropolis Tournament (-53kg 2002)
  • Member of National Boxing Team (2002-2004)


As members of European Commission of Research & Innovation we are following the European Sports Standards and we are constantly evolving by implementing original ideas. Volunteering has always been one of our main priorities, therefore we are aiming to provide sports training to the most vulnerable social groups.


Boxing and Kick Boxing classes for foreign students (Universities and Technical Schools)
Classes are taught in English.


Free kickboxing classes for children from NGOs Praxis & Nostos. Classes are structured around the development of social skills.


Kickboxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu for graduates of Drug rehabilitation programs


Boxing classes for 60Y+  old seniors. Also suitable for seniors who might face mental or physical health challenges and would like to engage to a social activity.


Self-Defense classes for women designed to improve the physical condition and self-esteem of the participants.


We are hoping to connect with many more sports clubs that promote social responsibility projects like we do in “Fighting Global Team”.
“Fighting Global Team” head coach, Anastasia Pontika has been awarded with the “Asteri” (SEEDA) award for her social awareness.

  • Anti-bullying campaign (Educational seminars for our kickboxing trainers).
  • Educational Seminars about the risks and side effects of substance abuse & anabolic steroids.
  • Organizing the 1st National Kickboxing Championship for Students from our head coach Anastasia Pontika (2014) and contributing to the addition of Kickboxing and Boxing to HCUS’s annual fighting calendar.
  • Organizing “Fokianos” educational program for schools and contributing to the addition of Kickboxing, Boxing and Wrestling to schooling activities.
  • Training program for unaccompanied children -18 yrs old in collaboration with the NGOs Praxis and Nostos. This program is designed to promote socialization, physical and mental health improvement, and self-confidence improvement.
  • Training program for recovered drug addicts, aiming especially to help with social reintegration issues.
  • Bone marrow donation (From “Fighting Global Team” members) to “Elpida” Foundation
  • Annual Voluntary Blood donation (Ag. Anargiri municipality)
  • Gathering food, clothing, toys for SOS Villages
  • Gathering food and clothing for flood-stricken inhabitants of Mandra, Attiki. (2017)
  • Volunteering for providing aid to fire-stricken inhabitants of Mati, Attiki (2018)