Kickboxing is a combat sport that combines boxing and kicks. It evolved from Muai Thai and is suitable for everyone.

It’s a very intense aerobic workout that is very beneficial for health and improves quality of life in various ways. It’s a full body workout since it requires full body movement.

It is beneficial for those who want to train professionally and for those who train for a hobby as well. It can help with weight loss, improves body posture, can lower mental stress and is an excellent self defense sport. It can also improve the practitioners’ body balance, increases strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Boxing is a very popular combat sport in which two people throw punches at each other. Each athlete avoids the opponent’s punches and at the same time tries to knock his opponent out with hard and precise strikes.

It’s an excellent workout, using mostly the upper part of the body but it is considered as one of the most well rounded forms of exercise.

It provides numerous benefits for the body since it increases stamina, cardio and enhances reflexes significantly.
Its mental benefits are also very important since it can help with anxiety issues, it can improve discipline and concentration

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a form of grappling that emerged from the combination of Japanese Judo with Brazilian culture.
Gracie Brothers were the founders of this new martial art that is perfect for smaller/shorter people who want to defend themselves from bigger opponents. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners are trying to attack and submit their opponents by using body locks, and chokes.

Its physical benefits include strength, flexibility and balance improvement, cardiovascular endurance and learning self-defense. It also has very important mental benefits such as improving self-discipline, self-awareness, it can teach humility and it brings together people from different social and economical backgrounds, of all ages and of all genders.

Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a whole way of living and a way to rediscover the best version of you.

Grappling is a form of wrestling that does not include striking. The practitioners start standing and they are trying to bring their opponent on the floor using various throwing techniques.

Grappling is a sport with a various range of techniques, some are simpler and some are more elaborate, therefore making training an ongoing enjoyable activity. It is also a sport with a lower risk of injuries, hence suitable for all ages and genders. It is very similar to a chess game where the chess board is the tatami and the athletes are the chess pieces.

Grappling is an excellent way to get to know your body better, to get more creative, to try to get better every day, and to socialize with people with similar interests.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is a full contact combat sport that allows strikes, kicks, and grappling. It’s a mix of various combat sports and martial arts. Its’ popularity has been rising steadily for the last few years.

MMA practitioners attend the regular combat sport programs, they are being taught grappling and striking techniques separately and then they learn how to combine their movement and timing through their MMA training.

It’s a physically demanding sport but it’s also mentally stimulating. MMA is an excellent choice for athletes who want to compete and for hobbyists alike.



Specialized PN team trainers take care for the overall progress of their team but they also take care of each athlete as well. For athletes who want to train in smaller groups there is the option of group sessions (-6 people) which is beneficial for faster progress or for fight preparation.
Group sessions can be arranged after the interested athletes contact the trainers. Group sessions take place on a time and date that suits both the athletes and the trainers, and can be combined with the regular combat sports programs.

30′ PADS

30 minute, one to one training workouts for advanced athletes. These workouts are focused on specific training techniques and are aiming to improve them by repeat, and drills.
Pad workouts are aimed at athletes who want to drill specific details of the combat sport of their choice and are a perfect choice for athletes who are preparing for a fight, or are in the middle of a training camp.
Furthermore, our experienced trainers provide a strategic fighting plan, they will help with reflexes improvement, and boost mentally the athletes who are preparing for a fight.
By being experienced fighters and champions, our trainers know exactly the process of fight preparation and will guide the athletes towards success, step by step.


We, in PN team, are very conscious about bullying and we believe that issues like this one should be addressed in sports culture; therefore we offer anti-bullying kickboxing classes for children.

Anti-bullying training includes, but is not limited to kickboxing techniques, mental and physical training and personality development. We want to instill good values to our students such as, discipline, team-work, self-control, mutual respect and mistake acknowledgment.

At the same time we are trying to help our students to develop a healthy personality and a self confident and strong character.


Musculoskeletal fitness improvement, coordination, agility and balance improvement and physical fitness development.


Instilment of ethics of team-work, discipline, self-control, commitment and teamwork.


Healthy and strong personality development, self esteem improvement, socialization, physical expression.



Outdoor training includes boxing and kick boxing exercises. Outdoor training in general is extremely beneficial for physical, emotional and mental health. Training outside a gym that provides an ideal and protected environment can set in motion different muscle groups and helps with adaptability and developing different movement patterns.
It can also enhance the feeling of anxiety relief and well-being. Ideal for people of all ages and of any physical condition.


Fitness Fighting is a training system that is targeted mostly to women. It is very beneficial for musculoskeletal fitness and physical health improvement, neuromuscular junction assembly development, through continuous drilling of fighting simulation exercises. Through these exercises our athletes learn self defence by simultaneously improving their balance, precision, agility, flexibility, coordination, strength and speed. Difficulty level is adapted to each athletes needs.


Personal training is provided from our teams specialised trainers. It’s targeted to athletes who want a personalised training more focused on specific details, or to athletes who might have limited time and cannot participate to the scheduled group training sessions. Personal training is custom-made; meaning that it is adjusted to each athlete’s training needs. The practitioner’s needs and availability are taken into account when training schedule is decided.



Boxing and Kick Boxing classes for foreign students (Universities and Technical Schools). Classes are taught in English. Apart from the physical benefits, we have created an environment that makes socialization easier for foreign students while promoting the local culture and daily activities at Kipseli.


Learning Kickboxing to unaccompanied children in collaboration with Praxis & Nostos NGOS. Through this program we want to help the children to adapt and to eventually be able to integrate to Greek social system.


Learning Boxing for Seniors, is a program suitable also for people who might feel isolated or left out. Through combat sports we can provide a platform for socialization and physical health improvement, we want to help seniors stay active and to be able to measure up to their everyday activities.

SPORTS ACTIVITIES FOR recovering addicts

Teaching combat sports to recovered drug addicts from KETHEA program. We are trying to help them with gradual social re- integration by creating a safe space and by offering them a space in our large “Fighting Global Team” family.